Proven Products Reviews

Several months ago I was in a local kitchen store and the salesman convinced me to try an "e-cloth" for my windows, mirrors and glass furniture. He told me that I could clean using the cloth and JUST WATER and get better results than I could with paper towels and windex. Much to my surprise he was 100% right!

For the past few months I have been living in our guest house which was completely renovated and a true haven for me while I wait for summer to pass. Our guest house has a very pale gray/white porcelain tile covering the floors. When I clean the pale gray grout, there is a milky film left on the surrounding tile which requires another dose of water and rags to make the floor look spotless. I have been wishing that I could clean the floors as easily as I can clean the windows and mirrors with my ecloth. Fast forward to last weekend when I was at the OC fair and saw a man with a mop which is made of the same micro fiber. After his schpeel, I was tempted to lay out $40 + tax to take home his mop, but I thought I'd check with Amazon first, even though he "warned" me that his mop was $50 on Amazon. He was right...but there are other mops for sale on Amazon, doncha know?!

This dust mop is saving me a ton of time and my back! I have 3,000 square feet of hard wood and marble floors. No carpet.
I also have 4 cats and one dog. All super shedders!

I was using the Swiffer dust mop daily, but it was too small, took too long and had to change the cloth at least twice. Waste of time and money!
Then I decided to go like the pros, I got JinClean’s 24” busy mop. What a great tool! Takes me 10 minutes at the most to do my house!
Can a person love a cleaning tool? YES! You can’t go wrong with this product!

I received my new just mop a few days ago and put it to work immediately. As a person who spent a year working as a janitor at a hospital right after college I know what a real dust mop is, and this is one. It's big enough and long enough and pivots completely and is a commercial grade. Great value and quality and a good purchase.